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Life's One Big Party in Mykonos

Known as the Ibiza of Greece, Mykonos is full of eccentrics and party lovers! On the other hand, Mykonos isn't all about parties, fun and noise, but is also believed to be the island where Heracles killed the giants and welcomes many keen historians and tourists. Mykonos is an excellent destination in the summer time, as it is at this time when the island is most alive. Along with the nightlife that Mykonos is famous for, the island also has many beautiful buildings, scenery and architecture. Despite the island's lively reputation, Mykonos is considered to be another beautiful island in Greece, with it's beauty and characteristics resembling a picture postcard.



Out and About
Mykonos is an exclusive island that attracts many wealthy and glamorous people. The island is often mistaken for a lively holiday destination for youths, however Mykonos is rather popular with people with a celebrity status, which probably explains why the prices are so high. The centre of Mykonos is where you will find the nightlife and hustle and bustle, where as the towns and villages off the beating track generally have a denser population, which is why you will have to wait for a while when catching a taxi or bus in these areas. Once you are in Mykonos, you can travel from beach to beach via ferry trip or see the island by a taxi ride. By day, Mykonos is a busy island, by night you will only see any kind of life and movement in the busier areas and is rather different to the daytime.

The Party Scene
For those looking to have a good night out on the island, then you must head to Chora in Mykonos, where there are numerous bars and clubs. Some of the bars are open 24 hours a day and other bars and clubs may open at midnight until the early hours, so it really is the place to be for any party animal. Chora is full of very glamorous and trendy bars and clubs that play a mixture of Greek and foreign music. Prices can be reasonable in some places, but there are also some bars and night clubs that are extremely overpriced.

Eating Out
Mykonos have many foreign and traditional Greek restaurants, so there is guarenteed to be something for everyone, so eating out shouldn't be too much of a problem if you are not in to Greek cuisine. If however, you do fancy trying out some of the local dishes, then make sure you try Louza Loukaniko. Louza Loukaniko is a special Mykonos dish that consists of sausage, pepper and goat's cheese and is a very popular dish on the island. There are also many fish markets that sell fresh fish, which is often eaten as a snack accompanied with a shot of the famous Greek spirit - ouzo.

Sun, Sea and Sand
Unless you are coming to Mykonos in the quieter seasons, it is worth baring in mind that the island and its beaches are often very busy during the summer months. Mykonos also has it's own famous nude beaches 'Super Paradise' and 'Paradise', which are in Paraga. The beaches on the north of the island are very popular with windsurfers and for other water sports too.

Where to go
In Mykonos, there is a town called Little Venice, which is a very beautiful, cosmopolitan town. Little Venice is made up of pretty houses and apartments with lots of delicate detail and colour and is a perfect place to sit and relax at a cafe with a cup of coffee.

If you fancy a stroll around the busier towns and cities such as Mykonos or Chora, then take advantage of the quiet streets in the mornings. Throughout the day and especially in the evenings, these towns are full of night clubbers and crowds of peoples going on a night out. So if you fancy exploring these towns at a quieter time of the day, take advantage of the mornings when the crowds of nightclubbers are sleeping off the night before!

Visit the folklore shops of Mykonos, where you will find some interesting souvenirs and art. The pricing can sometimes be a little bit extravagent, but worth the money. The island is full of exclusive Greek jewellers, souvenir shops, shops selling designer clothing, costume jewellery, art galleries and more. Perhaps the reason why the prices can be rather high, is that the products are of high quality and are aimed towards the rich and famous tourists who visit the island. If you want to buy something to remind you of your time in Mykonos without the expensive cost, then you can always purchase a bottle of Greek olive oil, which is simply devine!

How to Get There
There are many ways to get to Mykonos, either by one of the many ferry trips that take you from numerous surrounding islands to Mykonos, or you can get a flight straight in to the airport in Mykonos.