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The Island of Zante

The island of Zante or Zakynthos, attracts a large amount of tourists to the island each year. The island, which has a total of 45, 000 permanent residents, is said to be an island that is either loved or hated. However, few tourists dislike the island and the majority are eager to return.

Over the past few years, like most favoured holiday destinations, the island of Zante has became more developed for tourists. Compared to just five to ten years ago, Zakynthos now has a huge choice of hotel complexes for tourists to choose from. Laganas is a very lively town, which is ideal for those who like to go to clubs, bars and have all night entertainment. If you prefer quieter areas to relax in, take a look at Argassi, which is an ideal location for families,  children and anyone that requires peace and quiet.


Not all of Zante has been overdeveloped for the tourist industry, in the north east of the island you will find Skinari, which from here you can see the sister island of Kefalonia. Skinari is an attractive area with property buyers and already has many other European expats here. Many German, Swiss and English expats have relocated here, with others owning holiday homes here. Skinari is one of the areas of Zakynthos that has been left in its traditional state and is still very traditional. Prices of property reflect on the area, which is regarded as upper class and exclusive, but there are still some little gems to be found. An average three bedroom property can still be found for under 200, 000 euros.


The island has a name for being the Greek island of songs and music, which locals celebrate by holding local festivals, where local talent perform. In fact it was the island of Zante that was the first  in Greece to open a music school. The island possesses many artistic attractions, such as musical festivals, art galleries and museums.

As for eating and drinking, there are many places to visit, where you can be wined and dined. Whether it is traditional Greek dishes or international cuisine that you're looking for, you are sure to find it, as Zakynthos have a variety of both Greek and international restaurants.But if you feel like trying some of the national cuisine, do as they say “live like a local” and try some of the local dishes and check out a tavern or restaurant where the Greeks go. Whilst visiting the island of Zante try some of the local wines of Zakynthos, which are said to be devine.