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Top 5 Undiscovered Greek Islands

Each year, thousands of tourists visit the Greek Islands, usually for a summer vacation.

Popular destinations include:

Crete, Mykonos, Corfu,Rhodes, Zakynthos and many others. But there are also many other undiscovered Greek Islands that are less known to tourists.

Here is all you need to know about five of the best undiscovered Greek Islands.




The Island of Spetses is very small and is made up of one city and many smaller towns and villages. Spetses is located close to mainland Greece and ferries run regularly back and forth. This idyllic island is considered to be very exlusive and attracts a number of wealthy, important visitors from around the world. There are many restrictions on driving your own private vehicle on the island, which is why many of the locals choose to cycle or walk, public transport is also available. More recently, Spetses has hosted the wedding of the second son of the former king of Greece, Constantine. The event took place on Wednesday 26th August on the Island.


Situated between the islands of Tilos and Kos, lies the tiny island of Nisyros. Despite being a very small Island, Nisyros is home to a health spa, beautiful scenery, monastries, historical orthodox churches and offers walks around a volcanic sight. Nisyros is a volcanical island. Many of the  islands visitors like to visit the volcanic crater and also see the mini craters that exhale hot fumes. A total of 950 people live on the island. Regular ferry trips from Athens and Rhodes are available, taking you directly to Nisyros.


Although a popular weekend break destination for the locals, the island of Kea is less known to other foreign tourists. Kea is located close to the mainland, making it easy for the people of mainland Greece to travel to Kea for a weekend or break. Kea is ideal for walking, and offers many scenic walking routes. The tranquil, exclusive beaches of the island make the perfect places to relax, as they are peaceful and calm. Regular ferry trips are available between Kea and Lavrio, on the mainland.

Kalymnos is located between the islands of Kos and Leros, but remains less established compared to its neighbouring island of Kos. Despite the fact that Kalymnos is a small island, it happens to be high up in the hierarchy of the wealthiest Greek Islands. The island is very mountainous, with picturesque mountain ranges, beaches and scenery. There are 16, 441 inhabitants on the island, which has increased over the past 10 years.

Ferries run to and from the island from both Kos and Athens.

The last of the five undiscovered Greek islands is Evia, also known as Euboea. Evia is actually the second largest of the Greek islands, with Crete being the largest. However, in comparison with Crete, Evia is less dominated by tourists. The island was brought into the lime light after the 2007 forest fires, which were recorded to be the worst in history. Evia boasts a number of attractions, such as its historical buildings and ruins, beautiful beaches, mountains and many favourable walking routes. Evia is located extremely close to Athens on the mainland, so ferries are easily available and the journey is quick.

So, those are reputed to be five of the best undicovered Greek Islands. There are also many other Greek islands that are less known to tourists, some that are inhabited and others are not.