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Quiet Greek Islands

Quiet Greek Islands - An increasing number of tourists every year seek more of a getaway which is not overrun with other holidaymakers. The main islands deserve their top-notch reputation as holiday destinations but which Greek islands are suitable for those who are seeking a quieter atmosphere?

Quest Greek Islands selects three quiet Greek islands where you can really get away from it all and enjoy an authentic Greek holiday.


Madly popular with the Greeks themselves who jump on the ferry for the island at every opportunity. The island has a very laid back feel and plenty of coast with pretty bays and quiet sandy beaches. Kea is part of the Cyclades group of islands and near to the mainland.

Full of charm, it's a great spot for those wanting to escape but don't want complete isolation. A must-see on the island is the Lion of Kea, a huge sculpture of a mythical lion. A visit to the monastery of Panagia Kastriani is worthwhile.

Loulidha has good tavernas and restaurants and don't forget a visit to Vourkari and Otzias Bay. There are plenty of water sports on the beaches and even a mini golf course. Excellent local dishes to try, with local sausages on the list.


One of the picks of the bunch with a starting natural beauty, harsh and inaccessible in the northern part of the island, yet more verdent and manicured in the southern part. You won't find hordes of tourists here and it is perfect for walking and hiking.

A really lovely little island without any major tourism and very friendly people. Numerous photographers and artists come to the island for its beauty. a must-seeis the village of Olympos, with little windmills and a good local wine. Lefkos is pretty too and it's worth spending the night there. Many of the villages are totally original, so it's worth a tour around.

For those who want a bit of activity, climbing is a popular sport here due to the many suitable climbing locations on the mountains. Numerous small beaches and coves, the largest one of which is at Pigadia. A fair number of bars and nightclubs for a good range of nightlife. The local dish here is pasta with onions (Makarounes).


Many are surprised to learn that this is the second largest island after Crete. If you are fond of a stoll around or walking, then this is the island for you. The lovely villages dotted in the hillside are joined up by stone paths, with great views along the way. There is a really beautiful coastline and deserted beaches and for the evening a selection of lively tavernas. Authentic Greece is still much in evidence with Roman ruins, aqueducts and Byzantine Churches.

This is a good island for a mixed holiday of total relaxation and quiet - or a fast nightlife! Interestingly, it is good for winter or summer holidays as it has the beaches for the sun-seekers and a ski centre for snow lovers.

The capital, Chalkida is modern with plenty of shops, banks, bars and restaurants. The second largest town, Eretria, has lots to see with an archeological museum, ancient ruins and temples. It's worth visiting Kimi, one of the oldest towns on Evia with a folklore museum and a Byzantine monastery.

You won't be lacking for things to do during the day with water sports in Chalcida and around Kimi: plus other beaches all around the island, such as Artaki and Nea Stira.

So for those seeking an escape why not try one of these these quiet Greek islands and book today...