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Mykonos Means Fun!

MykonosThe Aegean Sea seems bluer than any sea anywhere else in the world. When our Royal Olympic Stella Solaris cruise ship moved toward Mykonos, I was startled by the beautiful white buildings sitting along the hillside. Everything is white, even the trunks of trees have been painted white. Although the shutters and doors are painted blue to give the buildings a touch of color. Mykonos is only 94 miles from Athens' port city Piraeus, yet the island seems as though it is another world.

The Greek people call Mykonos "something Old World yet modern," the most "in" island in the Mediterranean. The setting is an artist's dream! Their narrow cobblestone streets, some only 2'-4' wide, wind around the mountain suddenly leading into doorways and stairways. What seems to be an alley is really the entrance to one of the local tavernas or restaurants. It is like trying to find your way through a maze. The streets were designed this way purposely, back in the 16th Century they wanted to confuse invaders.

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Which Greek Island?

which greek islandWhich Greek island - is the question. Any traveller to Europe could be angry to lose out in the chance to see these fascinating and naturally beautiful islands. The Greek islands provide a nearly endless summer with outstanding weather throughout the year.

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The Greek Island of Paxos

island of paxosWhere is it? The island of Paxos covers an area of 19 sq km, and is located amongst a group of relatively small islands in the Ionian Sea. Its larger, more popular neighbour Corfu is some 14 km south of the island of Paxos, and the mainland is 20 km to the east. The island has no airport and can only be reached by ferry boat, so it has been able to refrain from the mass tourism that has taken over larger well known islands in Greece. Paxos has a population of about 2,300, and still offers visitors a relaxed and charming atmosphere.

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Best Greek Island

best greek islandThis is a challenging question to answer since there's no one best Greek island since they're all amazing destinations to select for a holiday.

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A Visit to Santorini

santaroni sunset pointThe picturesque, volcanic island of Santorini famed for its dramatic sunsets belongs to the Greek Cyclades group of islands. It lies between the little known islands of Anafi and Ios and is relatively small in size enabling you to drive from one end to the other in around 50 minutes. One way to explore is on foot or by bike - it's a sure way to take in the opulent landscapes and authentic villages. Some of the villages like Mesa Gonia and Pyrgos display remarkable traditional architecture a mix of ancient and old style grand houses.

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Corfu in Greece

a corfu sunsetCorfu in Greece, known locally as Kerkyra, is the most northerly of the Ionian Islands and is situated off the northwest coast of Greece in the Adriatic Sea. It is relatively close to Italy in the east and Albania in the southwest. It has a rich history with many former rulers leaving their mark here particularly the rich Venetians who left a legacy of beautiful, tall houses lining narrow alleyways. Corfu’s climate is Mediterranean with hot, dry summers and mild winters. Its impressive mountain ranges add to its scenic charm as does its wonderful beaches.

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The Island of Lesbos

Molivos Bay, LesbosThe island of Lesbos often called Lesvos is also known as the Island of Love, and is one of the most popular Greek Islands. The third largest in size Lesbos is located on the shimmering Aegean Sea. Most of its 90,000 inhabitants live in the capital city, Mytilene, on the south east of the island. The island of Lesbos is truly one of the most beautiful with fine sandy beaches and a wealth of natural and historic surroundings. Interesting and ancient sites like the Neotlithic cave of Kagiani, which provided shelter for shepherds, the Chalakies commune of as well as those of the Thermi offer an insight into this islands rich cultural past.

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Visit Rhodes

visit rhodesVisit Rhodes - one of the most popular Greek Islands as well as one of the biggest. It is part of the Dodecanese archipelago and offers a fabulous combination of interesting historic sites, attractive beaches and a fantastic sunny climate. Its fertile soil has given rise to an abundance of rock roses, which lends it its nickname as the 'Island of Roses.' This is an island that offers something for everyone; the northern coast consists of lively resorts offering an abundance of entertainment including nightclubs, bars and restaurants. The southern coast is much more peaceful with quiet, sandy beaches and a more traditional way of life.

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Holiday in Naxos

naxosHoliday in Naxos with its fantastic night life, tranquil beaches and beautiful scenery, there is something for people of all ages. Naxos has it's own small airport where you can catch flights between there and Athens, Crete and Santorini. But if you don't fancy flying, there are also frequent ferries that run between Naxos and Piraeus, which take between 3-6 hours to get to either place, depending on whether you use the fast speed or normal ferries. There is plenty to see and do in Naxos, so you won't have time to get bored!

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