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Chalkis - the Perfect Excursion Destination in Greece

A city with its own unique scenery and majesty can be welcoming for those who seek a nostalgic mood or for the wanderers. Chalkis, or Chalkida as it is commonly referred to, has a rich historical background since it is located in the Euripus strait, separating the Greek island of Euboea in the Aegean Sea from Boeotia in mainland Greece.

Whether you are up for long walks on the beach, crave a chilled out coffee, or for the traditional ‘meze’ food with the ouzo drink having a view of Euripus, then you are in the right place. But Chalkida offers more for those who seek to find out about its historical path and its tradition. You can visit the Folklore museum, in the historical castle of Negreponte, or the Archaeological Museum or even the Byzantine church of Ayia Paraskevi.

Most of the city’s restaurants, cafés and hotels are located alongside the old bridge going down to the monument of National Resistance. Visitors and local youth gather in the Ayios Nikolaos square which is close to the Monument. The Municipality of Chalkida is hosted within the Hall of Kotsika with its spectacular cupolas, an emblem of the city.

The ‘heart’ of the city lies few streets away from the Old Bridge, by turning right and left after passing the Bridge. There you find the Folklore museum, in the gothic halls of the castle Negreponte, with traditional costumes, religious icons, equipment used during the agricultural era and many other artefacts.

On your way to the beach you will stumble upon the church of Ayia Paraskevi, mentioned before, which is one of the oldest churches in operation in the world. A grande mosque, Emir Zade, with a stunning copula is one of the sights you will see when walking in the streets of the old town.

For the ‘shopaholics’, Chalkida offers myriads of choices, from commercial shops with big brands to small locally-owned shops with a 70’s tone. As for food, outside of the town, passing under the grandiose arches, heading towards Artaki and Lampsako you enter the kingdom of fish and ouzo restaurants. Crustaceans, fish, prawns, crabs and octopuses are offered fresh (check the menu!) with good value for money.

That’s where locals hang out too, a bit further away from the beach but with guaranteed taste bud pleasure. If again you wish to remain to sea view then we suggest the restaurant ‘Piato’ (translated as ‘Dish’) on the port in the old neighbourhood of Kourenti, known as probably the best restaurant in Chalkida.