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5 Historical Inland Treasures

The first thing that comes to most people mind when hearing the words “Greek Islands”, is sun, sea and sand. Many forget the beautiful and interesting archaeological monuments, historical monuments and nature that can be found off the Greek coastline.


Starting with the Island of Milos, there are many things to see and do, especially if you choose to venture in to the Islands capital, Plaka. Plaka is home to a fantastic archaeological museum, where you can find ancient artifacts and pictures. There is also the Virgin Mary’s church that can be visited, which is situated in a magnificent position, with great views.


Skiathos is full of monasteries to explore. There is Kounistra monastery, which is very exclusive and is best to visit on an organised group day trip. The Kounistra monastery was once a school during the Turkish rule. In the town of Chora, is the Tris Ierarches church, which is one of the most well-known on the island. However, if you do plan to visit any monastery on the island during your stay, men should wear trousers and women should wear a long skirt and cover there shoulders, as you are not allowed to enter without being covered up. Skiathos may be a small island, but it boasts as many attractions as its fellow islands.


One of the most popular tourist spots in Naxos, is the Portara gate (the great gate), which is just outside Chora. At this point where the gate is situated, you are able to see the island of Paros. The gate, built in about the 6th Century BC, is great to visit at sunset.

For those who know of the novels “Zorba the Greek” or “The last Temptation of Christ” written by Greek author Nikos Kazantzakis, it is worth visiting the museum of Naxos. The museum is an archaeological museum which was once a school for Greek Catholic monks, which was once attended by Nikos Kazantzakis.


If you feel like exploring the island, then be sure to check out some of the quaint, tranquil villages on the island, which are definitely worth a visit. Many of the villages have some interesting ruins, monuments and other historical sites to observe. Some villages have been deserted, most probably due to an ageing population, where as others are still quite alive.

Asclepion, discovered in about the 4th Century BC, is an excellent place of interest for anyone wanting to explore the island or for those with a passion for history. Not only is Asclepion a beautiful place to see, but is home to the temple of the god of medicine.


In Poros town, you will find the clock tower and other interesting places to see within the town. From the clock tower you will see excellent views. Poros town is a relaxed town, perfect for anyone wishing to take a relaxed wander around.

Two of the islands main places of interest are the Zoodochos Pigis monastery and the temple of Poseidon, which stem back to the 6th Century BC.