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Greece - An Amazing Place for a holiday

As you well know Greece is one of the most interesting, one of the most beautiful and one of the most richest mythological countries in the world.

Greece is called the "Country of Gods" because it was the "home" of the most Gods of Antiquity. As well Greece is located in southeastern Europe in the Balkan Peninsula. It consist of two parts: the mainland part and the islands, it has over three thousands islands and many of them have become tourist areas. A big part of the country is occupied by islands. The most famous islands of Greece but also the most visited are: Crete Island ( the largest of Greek Islands, it also has a rich historical heritage and it has the only palm tree forest in Europe), Thassos Island, but many beautiful islands are located on the western coast of Greece, one of the largest and the most beautiful western island is Corfu Island.

Corfu Island is famous for it's big, long and gorgeous beaches with white sand and it's blue crystal water, it is known as the most beautiful island in Greece. Corfu is also called Kerkyra by Greek people.

It's capital is knows as Corfu Town or Kerkyra Town. The population of the Corfu Town is about 30,000 people and it's one of the most cosmopolitan Greek islands. It's one of the most interesting places you can visit in Greece because it's buildings have Venetian influences,but it has seen other influences as well including the Normans, the french, the British whose ancient buildings are still in evidence. But the most important thing is that Corfu island was the only one who hasn't been occupied by Turks, although they tried to occupy it because it is one of the richest Greek islands. Corfu is also known for it's olive groves.

Here was also brought for the first time in Europe by gardener Merlin the Golden Fruit, also known as Koum Quat. Also on the island you can visit the Koum Quat liqueurs factory, it has a large variety of liqueurs and many other tasty products you can buy.

One of the most visited places in the island is Achillion Palace which belonged to the Empress Elizabeth, (everyone called her Sissy) she was the Empress of Austria. The Palace is situated in a little town called Gastouri, but the palace was only used as her summer retreat, unfortunately she could live in it for only 7 years.

Later it was bought by Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany. The palace is definitely a place to take your camera. This beautiful building in picturesque gardens overlooks the sea and Corfu Town.

So Greece and especially Corfu Island would be a great place for a vacation and as Gerald Durrell said "Corfu is the garden of Gods."