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Picturesque Paleokastritsa - Corfu

Picturesques Paleokastritsais situated in the Greek island of Corfu and has become a popular destination with tourists, which has consequently led to the destination becoming increasingly well known.

Are you a keen diver or are willing to give it a go whilst in Greece? On the Ionian island of Corfu lies Paleokastritsa, a famous spot

for diving and its water caves. The area also known to many as the "Deep Blue" is one of the most famous hot spots in Corfu. The Paleokastritsa resort boasts many attractions that keep tourists interested in visiting the area. Even if you're not a keen diver, there are many boat trips that take you on a scenic ride across the turquoise waters, where you can sit back and enjoy the magnificent experience.

Dive in to the Deep Blue
Picturesque Paleokastritsa is an excellent spot for divers. Not only is it considered to be a great place for diving, but you may also be able to see a range of different sea life creatures in the sea. Paleokastritsa is also home to beautiful sandy beaches that over look the crystal clear water of the sea, so it is no surprise that it is one of Corfu's most famous and popular attractions.

Paleokastritsa also has a monastery where visitors can go and enjoy, as well as various caves to admire. Paleokastritsa's cove is situated on the island's western coast and is in close proximity to many other places of interest. The village of Paleokastritsa is also a great place to visit and should not be missed! There you will find vast amounts of olive trees which are surrounded by clear waters.

Whether you are after a diving experience, a relaxing boat trip across the crystal clear waters or a break in the village of Picturesque Paleokastritsa, you are guaranteed not to be disappointed!