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Corfu Coastal Villages

A whirlwind spin around just a few of Corfu's beautiful coastal villages. Corfu is one of the most visited and interesting of the Greek Islands and offers a great experience. The spectacular coastline is a mix of modern cosmopolitan life and time-honoured Greek Island style. Here, you'll find a bit of everything - from the lively resort of Ipsos to the more peaceful small resort of Kontokali, satisfying families, teenagers and couples alike.

It is considered one of the most beautiful of the Greek Islands, as the rainfall in the winter months results in lush green, with hundreds of olive groves and a landscape of wildflowers. If you dream of lying on a glorious beach soaking up the sun and dipping into crystal clear water, then Corfu is the island for you. It is massively popular with those who enjoy sun and water sports, with soft sandy beaches and great weather for beach activities. For more relaxation, you can enjoy the sunsets on gentle walks along the coastal paths and stop at one of the local tavernas for dinner.

The best time to visit the coastal towns is from the start of May through to the middle of October. Be careful in July where temperatures are at their hottest. Flights are available from numerous airports in the UK.


Only 7 kms north from Corfu Town and the airport, this small village has some nice old buildings and a fine local church, together with the remains of a castle. The village is in very close proximity to the popular Gouvia (see below). If holidaying here, it is an easy day trip to enjoy the enchanting Venetian capital, Corfu Town, with pretty streets and shops. Buses run about every half hour and it's only about one euro for the 15 minute journey.

The resort is suitable for families who are seeking a quiet holiday as there is not much in the way of nightlife or entertainment. However, you can always take a stroll along the coastal road to Gouvia which is more cosmopolitan with lively nightlife. Kontokali is very popular with boat owners, due to the marina and the beach. The beach is clean with a combination of sand and fine shingle. Very suitable for children as it is shallow with a gently sloping bottom into the sea. The village has several hotels, traditional tavernas and some fine restaurants. Worth taking any of the boat trips along the coast to visit some of the other beaches and caves.


A place for the young or those who are 'young at heart'. Plenty of nightlife after a day on one of the beaches, with restaurants, pubs and clubs. When you have had enough of the beach, there are endless shops to satisfy every shopaholic. The main attraction here is the marine and the island is popular with the rich and famous, so you will see plenty of magnificent yachts in the harbour. As the resort is set around a crescent-shaped bay it feels secluded and exclusive. Swimming is safe for kids and the beach is easily accessible. Given its nearness to Corfu Town, many locals come to Gouvia, so there are many very good restaurants.


Some 13 kms from Cortu Town, lies this pretty village dotted with straw huts and a green coastline. It is a well developed resort with a good reputation for lots of beach and water sports.

There is a long promenade lined with cafes and restaurants where you can sit and watch the rest of the world go by or just look out over the sparkling sea. Dassi is full of atmosphere and is a lively holiday resort, popular with young couples.  The nightlife here is varied and surprisingly not expensive. If you are seeking even more entertainment, then Ipsos (see below) is a short walk along the coast. On the beach you will find long platforms which have been built, allowing you to swim further out safely. For those who want a bit more than just soaking up the sun, there is a golf course and horse-riding centre. Dassia can get crowded in summer as it is so close to Corfu Town. There are some spectacular hotels here which are close to the beach and if you are looking for a hotel holiday, then this resort should be on your list.


Bustling all day and night and only 15 km north west from Corfu Town. Shops, cafes, restaurants, pubs, clubs and lots of fun... it's all here. This is the ideal spot for singles and young couples, with a staggering array of clubs and discos. Ipsos has long been a big favourite for those seeking endless nightlife together with a clean beach for daytime sun-lounging. You'll loose count of the restaurants of every description offering international dishes - even special fish tavernas serving fresh fish caught daily. One of the other attractions of Ipsos is that you can quickly and easily get to all the other coastal spots, small inland villages and Corfu Town itself. Water taxis are available to other nearby beaches. If you've had enough of the endless night activities and want to get away from the full-on atmosphere of Ipsos, then you can take soothing boat trips to Paxos and Kassiopi. In the past years, Ipsos has been renown for the under 30's but it has changed, although still remains very lively. Groups of friends and couples were in the main, but the resort is starting to cater for families with teenage children. A place to party for those with energy, wanting night and day action.


This is a charming town set in the north eastern corner of Corfu and is some 30 kms from the airport. Great views out to sea and, behind the beach, olive groves and vines.

Kassiopi definitely offers an antidote to the partying crowd. Although that is not to say it does not have a lively bar culture but it is more relaxing with a definite feel of an ancient fishing village: somehow it avoids the excesses of Ipsos. The pretty little square is the main meeting place for locals and visitors and is quite trendy. There are lots of quiet bars and restaurants and excellent fresh fish from the local fishermen. All the beaches are easily accessible and are clean and safe. The beaches are in the main pebbles but they are numerous and so you can find seclusion and tranquility. There is a diving centre and tennis courts in the resort. The traditional fishing port offsets the busy feel of the town centre. Kassiopi offers something for everyone: lively enough for families with teenagers, yet quiet enough to sit in a bar, chill out with a glass of wine and simply enjoy the beauty of the place.


Situated on the north coast, Acharavi has a lovely long sandy beach and is one of the most upmarket resorts on the island. The resort is set to a delightful backdrop of lush green vegetation and is a pretty drive of some 40 kms from Corfu airport, through a beautiful landscape dotted with ancient villages. Those who are looking for a simple resort to relax and enjoy their holidays are in the main. The central streets are wide and lined with shops, restaurants and small hotels (with moderately priced accommodation). From the main centre, small little streets run down to the beach, where you'll find beach tavernas and bars. Acharavi is not just a resort but is the main town for this part of the island and many local people visit regularly due to its facilities. Away from the beach in the hills behind are walking trails which are now part of the Corfu Trail. Easy to follow with blue waymarkers, the paths will take you through the foothills of the resort. This is a resort with a very pleasing combination and will appeal to families and couples.

Getting around
The best ways of getting around the island are hire car or local buses / taxis. If you'd like to explore more of the coast from the sea, then just hire your own speed boat for a super holiday experience.

Driving on Corfu is pretty easy but just watch out for potholes and some sharp bends. Remember that you must keep your driving licence on you at all times and it is best to keep your passport with you too.

The local buses are really cheap but don't seem to stick to any particular timetable. The easiest thing is to just ask a local person or drop into the nearest cafe.